Opening presents on Baptism Day 6-Jan-2001 8:35 pm 00:00;01
Opening Presents, with Dad 6-Jan-2001 8:38pm 2:25;25
... with Christa & Dorothy 6-Jan-2001 8:39pm 2:39;18
I. opening a present 6-Jan -2001 8:42pm 4:49;00
I. again 6-Jan -2001 8:44pm 5:10;07
A & I unsrapping together
in the Family room
12-Jan-2001 10:15pm 7:14;24
Together on the couch 12-Jan-2001 10:29pm 10:39;08
A. & I. unpacking groceries 16-Jan-2001 10:19pm 10:34;00
At the dinner table 22-Jan-2001 9:36pm Picture
A. at the table, I. under it. 22-Jan-2001 9:37pm 14:05;02
Bathing 24-Jan-2001 4:28pm 16:31;29
Up, down stairs, and on foot 27-Jan-200 10:53AM 17:45;26
Alex walking 27-Jan-2001 10:55AM 18:26;21
The boxer 27-Jan-2001 10:56am 19:47;14
Hannah 27-Jan-2001 4:42pm Picture
with Katz' at Rancho 27-Jan-2001 4:43pm 19:56;22
Deer Hollow 27-Jan-2001 5:03pm 20:09;10
Alex by Park 27-Jan-2001 5:44pm 20:41;28
I at Hidden Villa 10-Feb-2001 8:34pm 23;26;05